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I have always been interested in sports growing up, but there was one sport that appealed to me way more than the others. Hockey caught my eye at a very young age. I started taking camps to improve my skills in skating, shooting, and stick hanlding. There is so much to you have to learn in order to be a successful hockey player and I think that going through that much of a learning process at a young age really influenced the way I'm capable of learning today. I had a very long and exciting hockey career. I learned how to skate on roller blades before ice skates. I lived across the street from my elementry school so my syblings, friends, and I would have full time access to a big open parking lot to play street hockey in. Playing roller hockey before ice hockey benefited me with some skills that are easier to develop off ice than on ice like stick handling. I ended my roller hockey career around the age of 10 and then strictly stuck to ice hockey. My last year was my senior year of high school. The experiences I got out of being a hockey player are priceless to me and I will always suggest hockey to younger kids. My entire family is a hockey family. I am the youngest of four kids and my two older brothers were both great hockey players. My older sister was always our biggest fan. I never reached the skill level my brothers had achieved but I still had a blast every time I was on the ice. I couldn't imagine growing up without hockey. I gave football a chance when I was in seventh grade but balancing football, hockey, and school wasn't easy or worth it so I gave up on football pretty quickly. To this day I still try to lace up my skates a few times a year a play with some old friends just for the fun of it. Now that I'm in college I don't really get to play many sports. There are many oppurtunities but I am usually very busy now or just not interested in the sport that is offered when I'm free. Now I feel lucky just being able to catch an NHL game on T.V. every once in awhile. I've always been a fan of watching hockey of all ages, but professional hockey obviously is the most entertaining. I wish more people had an interest in hockey although it does seem to have been growing a larger fan base in the recent years. At least thats how it appears to me since I am from Chicago and the Blackhawks got extremley good in the last few years so they are grabbing more peoples attention. If you have never had an interest in hockey i suggest checking out some NHL games when you have some free time. Clicking the above picture will take you directly to the NHL website where you can find all the information and news thats going on in the league.


Moving to Michigan for college was a big change coming from Illinois. Not just because of the snow, food, or laws, but the Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Redwings rivalry. I am a die hard Blackhawks fan and there are tons of them that go to Western Michigan University with me. Since WMU is close to Chicago and Detroit I'd say the fan base is close to 50/50 which makes the rivalry much more intense. Although the rivarly didn't compleltley disappear, it did die down quite a bit because the NHL moved the Detroit Redwings from the Western Conference to the Eastern Confernece this year, which means we will barley see the Red Wings during the regular season. There is some good that came out of Detroit moving to the East. Now there is an oppurtunity for the Hawks and Wings to play face to face for the Stanley Cup. If both teams won their brackets and made it to the Stanley Cup, war would emerge from WMU. It would be very intense yet exciting and I am hoping that it happens within the next two years so I am able to witness the madness.







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