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My name is Adam Misiewicz. I am currently a sophmore at Western Michigan University. I am majoring in Recreation, and minoring in Event Management. I grew up in the west suburbs of Chicago, and lived there until I graduated High School and moved to Michigan. I have always been a fairly good student, but I am not the biggest fan of school. I perfer working outdoors and with my hands over working with a pencil or computer. I don't have too much work experience, but after a few small jobs, I know what I don't want to do with my life. I worked 2 very different jobs in the food industry, and ended up hating them both. I was a waitor/server at a local restaurant in my hometown, and then I worked at a hod dog and beef restaraunt. So now I know that I definitley do not want to work with food in my future. Aside from work and school I kept busy by playing Ice Hockey. I started playing when I was Five years old and fell in love with it right away. I played for many different teams growing up, and eventually for my high school hockey team. Once I graduated high school I knew my hockey carreer was over with because I knew I wouldnt be able to handle training for a team and then playing and practicing while balancing work and school in college. I come from a family of six and I woudln't have it any other way. I have both my parents, two older brothers and an older sister. My family is really close with one an other and we all get along very well. My older sister also goes to Western Michigan University, and she helped me with so much when I was a Freshman. I have a very open mind and am always interested in new things. That goes for music as well, I am a fan of many different types of music and am very passionate about my music. I hope that gives you an idea of what I am about. Explore the links above to get more information and details.










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