Collegiate Objectives

Education has become more important because of the need for specialized workers in the job industries. Many choose to only pursue a public education because they see no reason to go any further. Others meanwhile strive for more and decide to attend college. Attending college can be a great benefit because of all the opportunities offered during and after ones education.

From a personal perspective I see it as an investment where I can expect a good return from. Before arriving to college, many people would talk about how hard and demanding it was. All this did was create fear within students at my high school. I knew why I was deciding to attend college and none of what I heard of it being too hard affected my decision. Just like life, it isn’t a smooth ride but it is worth getting through. Of course I was intimidate by the sheer fact that it was a tremendous transition, going from an extremely small high school, to a larger community of students.

For the past few years I have become more attracted to the business world and one of my top priorities is to one day be a business owner. I have worked many jobs ranging from being a cashier to working with plants. Not only did these jobs offer me an opportunity to earn some money, but also gave me a look into all the little things that I t takes to run a business. Before then I really did not realize that being a business owner was more than just sitting around telling people what to do. Luckily I had the privilege to work with for a great business man who also attended Western Michigan University. Working for him for about three years reinforced my dream to become an entrepreneur because I like the way he ran his business and how he interacted with his employees. One day I hope to be that type of person who can effectively run a business.

In order to obtain that goal, first I must focus on what I do in school. My expectations of college were that it was going to be hard to get through. As my first semester here is winding down, I can assuredly say that yes it was a challenge, but by having my priorities set I was able to make it through. I had to learn how to use my time accordingly, in order to be proactive in all my classes. My plan is to get a 4.0 GPA and maintain that until graduation. I did not only come to college for an education, but also to meet people and create a network which I can rely on after college. I’m hoping that in four years from now I can look back and say that it was worth it and eventually enroll into graduate school to further grow my knowledge of the business world and be better prepared to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship.