Being Independent

            People like to be independent, they like the feeling of freedom and of being in control of their life. Reminiscing back to the old days, teenagers crave for the feeling they get when they first obtain their driver’s license. After that they can’t wait to be eighteen and be acknowledged as adults that can stand for themselves and make their own decisions. Life is full of milestones where people gain just a bit more independence. So why not add another one? Becoming an entrepreneur brings a new level of freedom, because by doing so one has the ability to control how and why they work, instead of having to rely on someone else to do so.

            A very interesting phrase about college student and their careers states that instead of expecting to graduate and find a job in their field, they should go out there and make themselves a job. How? By becoming entrepreneurs in their field. These small businesses account for a majority of the job creation in today’s economy. Not only do they create jobs for their owners, but they also offer new positions for others interested in that business area. Owning a business is a great way to help the community because of the service or good it provides and everything else that it delivers.

            Starting a business has become easier, unlike what it used to be like over twenty years ago. The ease of starting up a business is what incentivizes educational institutions to promote entrepreneurship amongst their students.  Internet has greatly simplified this, because many people can actually start a business online, which is cheaper and better for those who still spend time studying in college. Although many of the new entrepreneurs are rooted in the field of management and such, anyone with a reliable business background and business mindset can start a business from the comfort of their homes. Success in not guaranteed though. That highly depends on the effort and efficiency that is within the business.

            In conclusion, starting a business is a great idea for those willing to put in the time and effort it requires. Sometimes those attempts might fail, but in order to be successful one must be willing to stand back up and figure out what went wrong thereby leading to a successful business in the long run.


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