Collegiate Objective

I came to college for many reasons which can be described on personal and professional levels. On a personal level I came to college to find out exactly who I was, live in a different environment than I had been in for the past 18 years, and to see what the world had to offer me. I plan to make new friends and join different RSO’s so that I’ll have something to do other than attend class. Having a steady income is something I got really used to back home and not having one here in Kalamazoo was an extreme stressor and I couldn’t take it anymore, so when Wal-Mart hired me I was ecstatic. In my heart I feel that being able to balance a part-time job and be a full-time student is very commendable especially when you’re do well in both. Ultimately I want to succeed in everything I do throughout these next 4-5 years at Western Michigan University.

On a collegiate level I would like to maintain a GPA no lower than a 3.5 and make the dean’s list at least once in college. While attending college I do plan to obtain a degree in the business field, but exactly in what direction I’m not too sure yet. Networking throughout these next few years will also help me get internships and job opportunities when I graduate in, hopefully, 2018. Studying abroad is another way that a plan on expanding my horizons on what I want to with my life after college. I have, as well as many other, taken one of the biggest steps in life by actually wanting and going to college. Many may think we did this for our parents but really we did this so that our parents and our future children don’t have to struggle (anymore). I know deep down that as long as I have God, strength, faith and determination nothing will stop me from reaching the goals I have set for myself for college and personal. “I can do all things through Christ, who strengths me” Philippians 4:13.