Collegiate Objective

My objective in mind when arriving at college is to succeed in my studies, and mature from a young man into a very knowledgeable business man at WMU. I would like to pursue a career in the Business field. For my major I am wavering on Business Management and Sales and Business Marketing. My plan is to graduate in four years and go on to start my path in a wonderful career in Business. I have set a goal to graduate with a 3.5 minimum and that is setting the bar low. I plan to learn from all of my mistakes made throughout my college career so that I will hopefully never make the same mistake again in the future. I would like to eventually become a part of multiple different Business oriented associations so that I will be able to get my name out to companies in my desired career field and hopefully acquire an internship with a company that I will be able to eventually get hired  into for a full-time position. I believe that my leadership, communication skills, and personal drive to achieve greatness will help me along my journey through becoming a successful business man in the future.