Studying Abroad a once in a life time Experience

When enrolled in a University students are provided with multiple ways of learning so that all different types of students can be given the best opportunity to succeed in their studies. One of these ways students can study is through a Study Abroad program provided by the college the student is enrolled in. Different Universities offer different study abroad programs every year. Universities all over the world participate in these study abroad programs so that students from other universities can come study at their school and experience new things in a different country. For example “privileged European young men completed their university studies by embarking on the grand tour. It consisted of visiting other European countries for varying periods of time. Many visited and studied at other universities. They attended seminars, participated in tutorials, and some undertook formal programs of study” (Mellander 2007). Studying abroad is a great tool for collegiate students and should be taken advantage of more often. I personally hope to study abroad for a semester before graduating so that I too can be one of the students to say I have experienced this once in a life time opportunity.

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