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Welcome to the ECE 4510/5530 Homepage! This is your official information source to Microcontroller Applications, offered by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. In this course we will primarily be concerned with the architecture and the various peripheral modules of a microcontroller and issues pertinent to interfacing to a microcomputer system. Most application programs will be developed in C. ECE 4510 is a required course for students majoring in computer engineering. ECE 5530 is one of the foundations courses for both the Electrical Engineering and the Computer Engineering Master's Programs. Your instructor this Spring Term is Dr. Janos Grantner, a Professor in the Department. 

General Information

I'd like you to know, with mixed emotions, that Mr. Aous Kurdi has resigned from his Lab TA position, effective immediately. He has taken up a
R&D Team Leader position with a major corporation in the Detroit area. He has done an excellent job as Lab TA in my courses ECE 3550, 
ECE 4510/5530 and ECE6050. He will be missed. I wish him the best for his new career. He will be still working on the completion of his PhD dissertation
with me as his advisor.

As of today (03/12/2018), Mr. Kaushik Chandrashekar is appointed as the new Lab TA for ECE 4510/5530. His email and phone number are posted
in the protected area. This also means that there is a change in the Homework Grader team from this point on.

Starting with Lab 2 students are required to have the hardware and software as follows:

- STM32F4 DISCOVERY Evaluation Board along with a USB type A to mini-B cable
Students can purchase these items through the University Bookstore. They may also purchase them through some on-line vendor.

Please note that the
STM32F407VGT6 microcontroller-based STM32F4 DISCOVERY Evaluation Board is being discontinued. The more contemporary
STM32F429I-DISC1 Board is based upon the STM32F429I microcontroller. Students can use either board to work on their course assignments.
- ARM Work Bench by IAR
Students can download the free (code size limited) version from the IAR Web site

- STM32CubeMX configuration tool
Students can download it for free from the STM Web site.

Large Solderless Breadboard
These boards can be purchased through the University Bookstore. 
You are also free to buy it through some vendor, instead.

- Electronic Parts Kit for the Labs and Projects 
Students can purchase their Parts Kits through the University Bookstore. They may also purchase the listed parts through some on-line vendor.

Course Syllabus                          ECE 451 ABET Syllabus
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Lab Schedule

Access to the protected area. You need your Bronco login ID.

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