Intelligent Fuzzy Controllers Laboratory

The Intelligent Fuzzy Controllers Laboratory has been developed in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Western Michigan University with the help of a DURIP grant by the Department of Defense and generous donations by ABB Automation Technology Products, Sweden. This new lab is to support research, the development of advanced courses, and graduate projects in the area of intelligent controls for large, complex hybrid systems. One of the targeted applications is the supervisory level of flatness control for cold rolling mills. A research project is currently underway to develop a Generic Encapsulated Fuzzy Automaton Software Agent for Object Oriented Control Systems. One of the objectives of the project is to develop and evaluate the performance of new methods and architectures for this area of research. Another current project is to develop an Intelligent Vehicle Health Management System for light tactical vehicles.

Microcomputers Laboratory

This lab supports the following courses: ECE 3550 Digital Design, ECE 4500/5950 Digital Electronics, ECE 4510/5530 Microcontroller Applications, ECE 4820 Senior Design Project, ECE 5570 Reconfigurable Digital Machines and ECE 6050 Advanced Microprocessor Applications. In addition, it provides facilities for research in the areas of intelligent sensors, reconfigurable digital systems and evolving digital systems.

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