Probability & Statistics for Elementary School Mathematics


      MATH 265                                                                             Spring 1998


Instructor:     Dr. Theresa J. Grant                                  Office: 4427 Everett Tower   

Phone:            387-3842                                             e-mail:


Office Hours: Tentatively: Mondays 1 - 2 pm, Thursdays 9 - 10 pm and by appointment.   My schedule for this semester may change from week to week.  Feel free to contact me by e-mail or phone at any time to discuss a problem over the phone or to make an appointment.  I am in my office everyday, and I check my e-mail at least twice a day.   


Course Goals

To provide preservice elementary and middle school teachers with:

o      opportunities to explore, interpret and learn essential concepts of probability & statistics,

o      opportunities to demonstrate their understanding of these concepts in meaningful ways,

o      activities involving technology, including the writing of computer programs
(Note: this course fulfills your university computer literacy requirement)

o      materials and activities designed to teach and reinforce elementary statistics & probability concepts


Course Materials

Students are required to purchase materials at either the Bernhard Student Center Bookstore or the University Bookstore.  In addition, it is expected that each student will have a calculator available for use during class activities and exams.  You are encouraged to purchase a TI-83 graphics calculator.

[There are some TI-82s on reserve in Sangren Library for your use.]


Course Prerequisite

Completion of Math 150, or its equivalent, with a grade of C or better. 


Course Requirements

           Participation in small groups and completion of daily assignments is expected. 

           Three major assessment tasks (some take-home, some in-class)

           Several homeworks &/or quizzes (quizzes may or may not be announced)

           A comprehensive final will be administered on Tuesday, June 23rd. 


Make-up Policy:

            No make-up quizzes will be given.  [Other assessments will be given more weight to compensate for the missed quiz.]  Make-up exams will only be given when student contacts me immediately to inform me of an unavoidable absence and the student can document this excuse. 


Attendance Policy:

            Since much of the course content is presented in a small-group, problem-solving format, daily attendance is crucial.   Excessive absences (more than 2), excused or unexcused,  will result in lowering your final course grade by one letter.   Attendance will be taken at the beginning of class.  If you are late, it is your responsibility to notify the instructor (after class) of your presence.  [Excessive lates (more than 2) will be counted as absences.]


Course Requirements

The following is an outline of how your final grade will be computed:

           Three Major Assessments                                      ( 50% of final grade)

                  At least one of these assessments will be a group project

                  At least one of these assessments will be an in-class test

           Comprehensive Final Exam                                   ( 30% of final grade)

           Many Minor Assessments (e.g., quizzes)              ( 20% of final grade)


IF ALL the course requirements have been met, course grades will be assigned according to the following scale:

      A         93% - 100%                CB       77% - 81%                  D         60% - 65%

      BA                  88% - 92%                  C         71% - 76%                  E          Below 60%

      B         82% - 87%                  DC      66% - 70%     


Minimal Grade Requirement:

The Department of Mathematics & Statistics requires that a student achieve a grade of C or better in Math 265 for enrollment in Math 352.


Policy on Incompletes:

Three conditions must be met for an incomplete: 

      (1) you must have completed most of the coursework;          
(2)  your current grade is DC or better;  and   

      (3)  circumstances beyond your control prevent the completion of the coursework on time. 

All incomplete grades must be approved by the Chair of the Mathematics Department.



Class Participation Criteria:

Throughout the semester, you should conduct your own self-evaluation, responding to the following questions:

o      Did I attend all classes and arrive on time?  If not, did I give prior notice of my absence, did I contact my groupmates to find out what was missed, did I contact Dr. Grant for further clarification when I needed it, and did I complete the session assignments?


o      Did I arrive at class having thoughtfully completed the assigned reading, activity and/or assignment?


o      Did I contribute constructively and thoughtfully to class discussions and activities on a regular basis?     Did I work with my group members or mostly by myself?    How did I help the group stay on-task?    Did I encourage other group members to participate more within the group?    Did I listen to what other people said, to their view of the task at hand, and try to understand the way they were thinking about things?


o      Did I complete all of my assignments on time?  Did I submit work of a professional quality?    Did I contact Dr. Grant prior to the due date for comment on my work?  
Did I ask someone else in class for constructive feedback on my work?  
Did I read the assignment information carefully and ask for clarification when needed?


o      Did I treat fellow classmates and Dr. Grant respectfully and courteously?


o      Am I thinking about how Im learning probability and statistics concepts?  Am I seeking help when I first need it?  Am I putting in enough time?   Am I understanding, or memorizing?


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