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My name is Erin Burges and I attend Western Michigan University. This is my first year of college and I am excited about my future here. I am majoring in Athletic Training to pursue a career in Exercise Physiology. I love exercising and learning about how the body works. This career will allow me to see how athlete move and how to fix their bodies to make the sport better. I chose this major because I ran cross country in high school. In my junior year, I injured my ankle and there wasn't an athletic trainer present at the time. This injury began to get worse and four months later, I had seven sprains in my ankle. Having an athletic trainer at the time of the race would have prevented my injury from getting worse and I could have avoided surgery. My love for football helped me choose the major and career that I want to go into also. One day I would like to work in professional sports such as the NFL or NBA because it shows that I have reached my highest potential. Football isn't the only thing that I love. I like to watch other sports such as track and basketball and play video games with my brothers. I have two brothers and I am the middle child. My family lives in Detroit, Michigan but I plan to stay away from home. I do love the city where I was born but I see a better future moving away from my home and exploring my options.








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