Collegiate Objective

Growing up it was always the plan for me to go to college. Both of my parents are highly educated, both earning a masters degree. However it was never the plan for me to go to a four year university at first, my parents had planned for me to go to community college for two years then transfer, I on the other had other plans. When it came around to start applying to colleges, I applied to my dream school, thinking I was going to get in no problem. I wasnt accecpted, it was heartbreaking, I thought that I would never get into another school and end up in community college. I applied to about four different schools hoping that I would get in. The first letter I recieved after my rejection letter was from Western Michigan University. I was so happy, I finally got into a school, I accepted right away. I was extremely nervous about coming to Western, I have never even toured the school. College has been such a roller coaster. My freshmen year was rough, I had gotten 2.2 GPA. I thought that I wasnt smart enough to be here, that the atmostsphere gotten to me. The next semester went so much better. I ended up with a 3.2 GPA and I finally felt like a College student. I'm only a sophomore and the future has so much in store. I am a majored in Human Resource Management right now, i dont know if that is where i want to end up yet. Im still young and I have my options open. I dont know what path I want to be on yet but I still have a few more years to figure it out.