Hello my name is Grace. I was born in Youngstown Ohio. I have four brothers and one sister. It goes without saying, holidays at my house are hectic and birthdays are frequent. In my spair time I am a freelance photographer and love to be active. I love traveling and have a list of places I would like to see. In my high school career I swam varsity for four years, and did very well. I was ranked 10th in Division 1 For the state of Michigan. Swimming has taught me how to be a teamplayer, leadership, and perseverance. After highschoolI coached swimming at the varsity level and also for a club team for three. I liked sharing my passion of swimming with others and help them achieve their goals. I had to give up swimming and coaching to attend Western Michigan University, where I am currently attending. I am pursuing a degree in Athletic Training. I am excited about career in Athletic Training and the future prospect of working with talented athletes in not only swimming but all sports and athletics.





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