No matter what your faith, or what you believe, how each of us understands the meaning of life it comes down to how we answer one ultimate question: Does God really exist?  Based on a popular Harvard course taught by Dr. Armand M. Nicholi, author of the book The Question of God, this program illustrates the lives and insights of Sigmund Freud, a life-long critic of religious belief, and C.S. Lewis, a celebrated Oxford don, literary critic and perhaps this century’s most influential and popular proponent of faith based on reason. 

            Through dramatic storytelling and visuals, as well as interviews and discussions, Freud and Lewis debate the ultimate question of human existence; Does God really exist?

            The group will meet twice a week.  With the help of a PBS video, each session will begin with a  tape.  One hour will then be devoted to a discussion about the concepts presented. Even though the program is based on a book of similar name the participant is not required to read.

            The program is taught by  Dr. Barbara J. Hemphill. She has a Doctor of Ministry degree from the Ecumenical Theological Seminary in Detroit.  She is Assistant Professor Emeritus at Western Michigan University where she taught spirituality to occupational therapy students and a computer course on spirituality on-line.  Dr. has also taught a spirituality course at the senior center in Portage, Michigan and at Fountain Place, a retirement community. She also writes book reviews on spirituality for the Portage Library.