Dear Chairperson


            The future is here. Distance education is offering advantages to both faculty and students.  As our field moves toward requiring a masterŐs degree for entry-level practice, and with a shortage of occupational faculty, the flexibility of distance learning will prove invaluable.


            I have retired from Western Michigan University.  I now am pioneering interactive television for occupational therapy programs, offering courses for centers that have the technology to support on-line learning.


            I am prepared to offer courses and workshops via the Web or WebCT in time frames that meet your needs, whether a full course, weekend course, two-week course or single-session workshop.  I also can offer on-line courses and interactive video. 


            The course content will be developed from my more than 20 yearsŐ experience teaching in the areas of mental health-assessment selection, current theory and practice in mental health, group development, community practice, administration, research and communication.  The content also will reflect my past service as a clinical supervisor, graduate research guide, senior therapist, director of activities therapy and director of occupational therapy.


            I continue to be available as a consultant to assist you with currirulum development, on-site classroom teaching, teleconferencing, adult client motivation and problem resolution, and graduate research project evaluation.


            Interested? Call me (616) 375-0417, e-mail at or write to me at 5453 Colony Woods Dr., Portage, MI 49009-9736.  Also, I plan to attend the AOTA conference in Charlotte and would be happy to meet with you there as well.  Contact me to make arrangements.


            I look forward to working with you and your students.  My curriculum vitae is available upon request.





                        Barbara J. Hemphill-Pearson, DMin,, OTR, FAOTA