Biography | Terrell Hodge




Dr. Hodge's work in the College of Arts and Sciences focuses on budget and personnel, research/creative/scholarly activity of faculty and students, and information technology.

Dr. Hodge's portfolio includes:

  • oversight of the college budget office,

  • management of the college instructional budget for part-time instruction, the summer session I & II budget, graduate GA/DA assistantship distribution,

  • fostering, encouraging, and enhancing faculty/student research and creative activity, and

  • creation of the college office for Proposal Development.

Dr. Hodge is currently where she has been since Dr. Hodge received her Ph.D. from the University of Virginia in 1999 and joined WMU (Associate Professor of Mathematics). Dr. Hodge was trained in modern algebraic and geometric methods in mathematical representation theory, a field concerned with capturing symmetry mathematically and using properties of symmetries to decompose difficult, complex problems into simpler ones. In this area, she has organized numerous special sessions, NSF-funded interactive workshops and conferences, published papers in highly regarded journals, traveled to major mathematical research institutes, collaborated with internationally known experts, sponsored and hosted a Fulbright scholar from Burkina Faso, and is beginning work on a book project on her specialty, the modular representation theory of algebraic groups, with collaborators from the U.S. and China.

In recent years, Dr. Hodge has also expanded her interests to include mathematical biology, where she co-directs an ongoing curriculum development grant Modern Biology, Modern Mathematics, and Modern Solutions: Moving Biomathematics Education Beyond Calculus, funded by the NSF. Project components introduce students to applications of modern algebra, geometry, and other discrete mathematical models to problems in molecular and systems biology, including metabolic pathway analysis, gene regulatory networks, and molecular phylogenetics. In this context Dr. Hodge has traveled nationally and internationally to speak about her activities, co-organized week-long NSF and MAA-funded professional development workshops, published papers with coauthors on both curriculum development and on new related research, and is a chief co-editor and coauthor of an upcoming book, “Mathematical Concepts and Methods in Modern Biology”, to be published by Elsevier.