Curriculum vitae of Emily P. Hoffman

Address Department of Economics

Western Michigan University

Kalamazoo, Michigan 49008

Telephone Office: (269) 387-5546

E-Mail Hoffman@WMICH.EDU


1975 Ph.D. Economics University of Massachusetts/Amherst

1968 M.A. Economics Boston College

1965 B.A. Economics University of Massachusetts/Amherst

Teaching Experience

1993 - on Western Michigan University, Professor

1981 - 93 Western Michigan University, Associate Professor

1977 - 81 Douglass College, Rutgers University, Assistant Professor

1976 - 77 University of North Carolina/Chapel Hill,

Visiting Assistant Professor

1975 - 76 University of Missouri/Rolla, Assistant Professor

1971 - 74 University of Massachusetts/Amherst, Teaching Associate

1969 - 70 Lowell Technological Institute, Instructor

1968 - 70 Northeastern University, Lecturer in Statistics

1966 - 67 Boston College, Teaching Fellow


"An Econometric Study of University of Massachusetts/Amherst

Faculty Salary Differentials."

Research Experience

1980 Rutgers University, Consultant to Institute of

Management and Labor Relations

1974 - 75 University of Massachusetts/Amherst,

Principal Investigator, U. S. Department of Labor,

Doctoral Dissertation Grant

1966 Boston College, Computer Programmer

1965 John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company,

Actuarial Research Assistant

Refereed Journal Articles

"Faculty Salaries: Is There Discrimination by Sex, Race, and Discipline? Additional Evidence," American Economic Review, 66,

no. 1, March 1976, 196-8.

"The Deeper Economics of Sleeping: Important Clues toward the Discovery of Activity X," Journal of Political Economy, 85, no. 3, June 1977, 647-9.

Translated into German, "Die tiefere Okonomik des Schlafens. Wichtige Hinweise fur die Entdeckung von Aktivitat X," Reprinted in Nationalokonomologie, Orestes V. Trebeis, editor, J. C. B. Mohr, West Germany, 1979.

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"Affirmative Action Compliance", Workforce, 1, no. 3, Fall 1992, 14-19.

"Effects of Seniority on Academic Salaries: Comparing Estimates", Industrial Relations Research Association Series, Proceedings of the Forty-Ninth Annual Meeting, January 4-6, 1997, 347-352

Monographs, Chapters, and Proceedings

Final Report: "An Econometric Study of University of Massachusetts, Amherst Faculty Salary Differentials," Prepared for the U.S. Department of Labor, NTIS PB 263503/AS, National Technical Information Service, VA, September 1975, 40 pages.

"Comment on 'An Unconventional Foundation for the Analysis of Income Distributions'," The Journal of Economics, Proceedings of the Twelfth Annual Conference, Missouri Valley Economics Association, 2, 1976, 250.

Abstract of "Comparative Labor Supply of Black and White Women," Atlantic Economic Journal, March 1979, 7, no. 1, 66-67.

"Final Report: Policy Analysis of Labor Productivity in New Jersey," with David C. Hershfield, Institute of Management and Labor Relations, Rutgers University, 1980. Prepared for the New Jersey Department of Labor and Industry, Grant 043-80.

Six abstracts in The National Longitudinal Surveys of Labor Market Experience: An Annotated Bibliography of Research, K. Sproat, H. Churchill, C. Sheets, editors, Center for Human Resources, Ohio State University, 1985, 148-150.

Contributor to Books for College Libraries: A Core Collection of 50,000 Titles, 3rd edition, Vol. 4, Social Sciences, published by the American Library Association, Chicago, 1988.

(I selected a model library on "Women and Work.")

"Discussion on 'Arbitration of Title VII Disputes in Academe: Impact of University of PA v. EEOC' and 'What Happens when Arbitration is not the End of the Road?'," Industrial Relations Research Association Series Proceedings of the Forty-Third Annual Meeting, December, 1990, pp. 441-2.

Editor, and author of "Introduction", Essays on the Economics of Discrimination, Kalamazoo, MI: W. E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, 1991.

"Labor Supply of Women" in Survey of Social Science: Economics, edited by Frank N. Magill, Pasadena, CA: Salem Press, Inc., 1991, pp. 1212-7.

Editor, and author of "Introduction", Essays on the Economics of Education, Kalamazoo, MI: W. E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, 1993.

Abstract, "Demographic and Economic Variables Affecting Unemployment in Stable Households", Industrial Relations Research Association Proceedings of the Forty-Sixth Annual Meeting, Boston, January, 1994, p. 491.

"Women and the Economy" in The Feminist Economics Curriculum Project, International Association for Feminist Economics, edited by Anne Quade, California State University at Sacramento, July 1994, pp. 13-15.

Co-author with Marianne A. Ferber of "Are Academic Partners at a Disadvantage?" in Academic Couples: Problems and Promises, ed. by Marianne A. Ferber and Jane Loeb, University of Illinois Press, 1997, pp. 182-207.

"What Affirmative Action Requires", in Michigan Consultation: Focus on Affirmative Action, Michigan Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, March 1998, pp. 60-64.

"The Economics of Stereotyping", pp. 97-102, in Valuing Us All: Feminist Pedagogy and Economics ed. by April Aerni and KimMarie McGoldrick, University of Michigan Press, 1999.

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The Economics of Work and Family, edited by J. Kimmel and E. Hoffman, forthcoming 2002, W.E.Upjohn Institute for Employment Research.

"Alternative Techniques for Measuring Pay Equity" jointly with Robert Toutkoushian, forthcoming in Emerging Issues in Higher Education Salary Studies, edited by R. Toutkoushian, a volume in New Directions for Institutional Research, Jossey-Bass, forthcoming.

Book Reviews

Review of Equal Pay in the Office, by Francine Blau, Journal of Human Resources, 13, no. 3, Summer 1978, 434-5.

Review of The Economics of Sex Differentials, by Cynthia Lloyd and Beth Niemi, Economics of Education Review, 1, no. 4, Fall, 1981, 483-5.

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Review of Women's Work and Wages edited by I. Persson and C. Jonung for Feminist Economics, forthcoming.

Published on the Internet:

"Women and the Economy Syllabus" Available by e-mail to <LISTSERV@BUCKNELL.EDU> Request <GET FEMECON-L wmn.econ2.syl>

Papers Presented

"Determinants of Faculty Rank: The Discriminant Analysis Approach." Econometric Society Meeting, Dallas, December 28, 1975.

"Measurement of Faculty Productivity." Econometric Society Meeting, Atlantic City, September 17, 1976.

"Comparative Labor Supply of Black and White Women." Atlantic Economic Conference, Washington, DC, October 14, 1978.

"Fertility and Female Employment." Econometric Society Meeting, Atlanta, December 29, 1979.

"Family Labor Supply, Non-market Work, and Fertility." Econometric Society Meeting, Denver, September 7, 1980.

"Supply Side Discrimination." Econometric Society Meeting, Washington, D.C., December 28, 1981.

"Racial Differences in Family Labor Supply." Eastern Economic Association Meeting, Boston, March 12, 1983.

"The Deserving and the Non-deserving Poor." Eastern Economic Association Meeting, New York, March 16, 1984.

"Feminization of Poverty." Econometric Society Meeting, Dallas, December 29, 1984.

"Feminization of Poverty: Economic and Demographic Determinants." American Economics Association Meeting, Dallas, December 28, 1984.

"Secondary Labor Markets: Existence and Worker Characteristics", ASSA meetings, December 28, 1985, New York.

"Sex Differences in Unemployment: Duration and Frequency." Eastern Economic Association Meeting, Washington, DC, March, 1987.

"Estimation of Length of Job Search by Survival Analysis." Eastern Economic Association Meeting, Baltimore, March, 1989.

"Survival Analysis of Unemployment: Effects of Gender, Race, and Marital Status." Midwest Economic Association Meeting, Chicago, March, 1990.

"An Essay on Pay Equity." International Industrial Relations Association Pay Equity Study Group, Allied Social Sciences Association Meeting, New Orleans, January, 1992.

"The Effect of Demographic and Economic Variables on the Frequency of Spells of Unemployment Affecting Stable Households", Industrial Relations Research Association meeting, Boston, January, 1994.

Presentation on "A Demonstration of Materials and Techniques I use in Teaching 'Contemporary Economic Problems', and 'Women and the Economy'" at the Follow-Up/Progress Meeting of the National Science Foundation Undergraduate Faculty Enhancement Project on "Improving Introductory Economics by Integrating the Latest Scholarship on Women and Minorities" at the Allied Social Sciences Association meetings, January 1995, in Washington, DC.

"Faculty Salary Discrimination Twenty Years Later", Eastern Economic Association meeting, New York, March 18, 1995.

"The Impact of Academic Partners on Careers" with Marianne Ferber, Midwest Economic Association meeting, Cincinnati, March 30, 1995.

"Discrimination and Normative Economics" presented Jan. 5, 1996 at Joint Session of IAFFE and URPE at ASSA meetings, San Francisco.

"Returns to Seniority for University Faculty" Eastern Economic Association, March 1996, Boston.

"Returns to Seniority in the Academic Labor Market: Comparing Estimates", Industrial Relations Research Association Annual Meeting, ASSA meeting, January 6, 1997, New Orleans.

"Correlates of Child Poverty", Midwest Economics Association meeting, March 20, 1997, Kansas City, MO.

"The Oaxaca Decomposition Revisited", Southern Economics Association, Atlanta, November 22, 1997.

"Measurement of Occupational Segregation", Midwest Economics Association meeting, Chicago, March 1998.

"Faculty Gender Discrimination Revisited", American Economics Association, January 3, 1999, New York.

"Women's Work and Pay Levels", Midwest Economics Association, April 1, 2000, Chicago.

Papers Presented in Michigan

"Economic Progress of Black Women." Woman Researcher Conference, Western Michigan University, November 6, 1981.

"Explaining Michigan's Unemployment Rate." Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters Meeting, Ypsilanti, March 25, 1983.

"Trends in Women's Education and Occupations." Michigan Women's Studies Association Convention, Western Michigan University, April 16, 1983.

"Female Poverty: Michigan's AFDC and SSI Levels Compared to Neighboring States." Woman Researcher Conference, Western Michigan University, October 28, 1983.

"The Feminization of Poverty." Career Opportunities for Women Conference, Western Michigan University, February 10, 1984.

"Support for Social Welfare in the East North Central Region." Michigan Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters Meeting, Great Rapids, March 23, 1984.

"Sex and Race Differences in Youths' Educational and Occupational Goals." Woman Researcher Conference, Western Michigan University, November 14, 1986.

"Classroom Climate: A Chilly One for Women?" Michigan Conference of the American Association of University Professors, 33rd Annual Meeting, March 28, 1987, Novi, Michigan.

"The Trend in Black/White Real Income Ratios" Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Western Michigan University Economics Dept., January 15, 1996.

Consultation on "What Affirmative Action Requires" to the Michigan Advisory Committee of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, Detroit, June 18, 1996.

"How Economists Measure Discrimination", Kalamazoo branch of the American Statistical Association, April 22, 1998.

Panelist on The Living Wage, WMU, November 11, 1998.


Income Distribution Session, Missouri Valley Economics Association Conference, Tulsa, 1976.

Labor Economics Session, Eastern Economic Association, Boston, 1979.

Labor Supply Session, Econometric Society Meeting, Denver, 1980.

Worker Dissatisfaction Session, Midwest Economics Association, Chicago, 1982.

Collective Bargaining Session, Eastern Economics Association, Boston, 1983. Also chair of this session.

Income Maintenance Session, Midwest Economics Association, Chicago, 1984. Also chair of this session.

Government and the Labor Markets Session, Midwest Economics Association, Chicago, 1986. Also chair of this session.

Economic History Session, Eastern Economic Association, Boston, 1988.

Family, Fertility, and Migration Decisions Session, Midwest Economics Association, Chicago, 1988.

"Marriage and Male Labor Supply", American Economic Association, New York, December 1988.

Job Mobility Session, Eastern Economic Association, Baltimore, March, 1989. Also chair of the Labor Market I Session.

Poverty, Race, and Unemployment Session, Midwest Economics Association Meeting, Chicago, March, 1990.

Collective Bargaining Session, Industrial Relations Research Association, Washington, D.C., December 1990.

Research in Education Session, Midwest Economics Association, Chicago, March 1992.

Labor Supply and Gender Related Issues, Midwest Economics Association, Chicago, March 26, 1994.

Race and Gender in Economics 101, American Economic Association, Washington DC, January 7, 1995.

Feminist Conversations on Economic Theory and History, Eastern Economic Assoc., New York, March 1995.

Chair of session on Feminist Pedagogy and Dialogue Across the Disciplines: Eastern Economic Assoc., New York, March 1995.

Labor market session, Eastern Economic Assoc., Boston, March 1996.

Gender and Marriage Effects on Wages session and Gender and Occupational Segregation session, Midwest Economics Assoc., Chicago, March 1996.

Midwest Economics Association meeting, Chicago, March 1998.

Minorities in Labor Markets session, Midwest Economics Association meeting, Chicago, April 1, 2000.

Invitational Conferences

New Manpower Researchers' Conference, Washington, D.C., 1974.

Occupational Segregation Conference, Wellesley College, 1975.

Manpower Policy and the University Curriculum, Overland Park, KS, 1976.

Women in the Labor Market, Barnard College, 1977.

Workshop on Panel Survey of Income Dynamics, University of Michigan, 1980.

Workshop on Longitudinal Data Analysis, University of Chicago, 1983.

Workshop on Survey of Income and Program Participation, University of Michigan, 1985.

Eleventh Annual Lilly Conference on College Teaching, Miami University of Ohio, November, 1991.

National Science Foundation Faculty Development Project "Improving Introductory Economics by Integrating the Latest Scholarship on the Economics of Race and Gender", May 1993.

"Unemployment Insurance in the U. S.", W. E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, Kalamazoo, June 15-17, 1995.

Professional Memberships and Offices

Member of American Economic Association

Associate Member of the American Economic Association Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession

Member of Industrial Relations Research Association,

National and Southwestern Michigan Chapter

Trustee of Southwestern MI Chapter 1992 - 1994

Member of Midwest Economics Association

Member of Eastern Economic Association

Member of the International Association for Feminist Economics

Professional Activities

Reviewed Economics texts for:

Harper and Row Publishers

Irwin Publishers

The Dryden Press.

South Western Publishing

Screener for the American Economic Review (1977)

Reviewed grant proposals for the Social Science Research Council

Reviewed grant proposals for the National Science Foundation

Reviewer for Choice

Reviewer for Economic Inquiry

Reviewer for Economics of Education Review

Reviewer for Feminist Economics

Reviewer for Growth and Change

Reviewer for Journal of Human Resources

Reviewer for Labour Economics - An International Journal

Reviewer for Review of Educational Research

Grants Received

1974 - 75 U.S. Department of Labor: Doctoral Dissertation Grant

1977 - 78 Rutgers University: Research grant

1978 Rutgers University, Bureau of Economic Research:

Proposal grant for "Fertility and Female Employment"

1986 Western Michigan University Faculty Research and Creative

Activities Fund:

Fellowship for "Permanent and Transitory Unemployment"

1992 Western Michigan University Faculty Research and Creative

Activities Fund: Grant for "The Trend in Real Total Income of

Female-headed Families"


1987-88 Sabbatical leave: To do research on Female Poverty and on

Duration of Unemployment

1996-97 Sabbatical leave: To do research on Female and Child


Economics Department Merit Award, every year of Merit system

University Committees

College of Arts and Sciences Academic Review Board 1994-1997

Faculty Senate Undergraduate Studies Council 1995-1996

Faculty Senate Budget and Finance Council 1992-1993

Executive Board of Western Network, 1983-1984

Women's Studies Minor Committee 1981 --

Faculty Senate Professional Concerns Committee 1985-86

Secretary of Faculty Senate Computer Committee 1986-88

President of Women's Commission, 1986-87

Women's Commission Affirmative Action Committee 1988-94

Chair 1993-94.

Financial Issues Committee of National Collegiate Athletic Association Pilot Certification Program

Department of Economics Committees

Chair of Public Lecture-Seminar Series Committee

"The Economics of Discrimination" 1989-90

"The Economics of Education" 1991-92

Chair of Affirmative Action Committee 1998-99

Tenure Review Committee 1985 --

Promotion Committee 1993 --

American Association of University Professors Committees

Council Representative to Economics Department 1989-93

Co-Chair of Committee on the Status of Women and Minority Faculty 1993-94

Budget and Finance Committee 1992-93

Contract Committee on Salaries 1990

Committee on Tuition Waivers 1985-86

Contract Committee on Fringe Benefits 1990

Affirmative Action Committee 1994

Economics Department Service

Department Secretary 1990-91

Minority Mentor 1990-91

Departmental Representative for Self Enhancement Program 1988-90

Designed and submitted to department curriculum committee a course proposal. Adopted as "Women and the Economy", Economics 309.