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Workshops offered by Tom Holmes

Healing the Healer
Gilchrist Retreat Center,
Three Rivers, Michigan

April 13 -15, 2007

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Tuning the Heart
Abode of the Message,
New Lebanon, New York

April 27-29, 2007

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Spirituality and Psychotherapy Training

This workshop will offer training in a model of psychotherapy which integrates spirituality into the therapeutic process. The core of the model is based on ego state work from a systemic perspective using methods from Richard Schwartz internal family systems model and draws heavily on Buddhist psychology. The method is readily integrated into psychodynamic psychotherapy, Jungian therapy, cognitive therapy and ego psychology.

Weekend: Tuning the Heart of the Healer

Workshops where the focus is on Internal Family Systems work (IFS) and spiritual practice to support our work as helping professionals. The spiritual prices include meditation, Peace Dances, awareness practices and Zen Big Heart/Big Mind process.

Weekend: IFS Big Heart/Big Mind

These workshops are designed for a wider range of participants. The focus is on understanding and healing our own system through IFS work, with the Big Heart/Big Mind process being a central part of the session. A variety of other spiritual practices will be drawn on as well.

Big Heart/Big Mind large group presentation

These two to three hour events introduce people to the IFS model using power point illustrations of parts. This is followed by a Big Heart/Big Mind experience and offers people both a conceptual framework and direct experience of IFS work, including an experience of Self found in the Big Heart/Big Mind process. This presentation is suitable as a session in or keynote for a larger conference.