Dr. Alan Hovestadt
Professor, Department of Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology

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Publications in Last Six Years:

Tatman, A. W., Hovestadt, A. J., Yelsma, P., Fenell, D. L., & Canfield, B. S. (2006). Work and family role conflict: An often overlooked issue in couple and family therapy. Contemporary Family Therapy, 28, 39-51.

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Hovestadt, A. J., Fenell, D. L., & Canfield, B. S. (2002). Characteristics of effective providers of marital and family therapy in rural settings. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 28, 225-231.    
Crane, D.R., Wampler, K.S., Sprenkle, D.H., Sandberg, J.G. & Hovestadt, A.J. (2002). The scientist – practitioner model in marriage and family therapy doctoral programs. Journal of Martial and Family Therapy, 28, 75 - 83

Hovestadt, A.J. (Ed.) (2001). Practice management forms: Tools for the business of therapy. Washington, DC: American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

Hovestadt, A.J. (2001). Introduction to the 2001 AAMFT Code of Ethics. In Users Guide to the AAMFT Code of Ethics (pp.iii – vii). Washington DC: American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.
Hovestadt, A.J. (2001, Winter/Spring). New ethics code provides opportunities. AAMFT Supervision Bulletin, pp.1-3.
Yelsma, P., Hovestadt, A.J., Anderson, W.T., & Nilsson, J.E. (2000). Family of origin expressiveness: Measurement, meaning, and relationship to alexithymia. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 26, 353-363.

Hovestadt, A.J. (2000). Unresolved couple conflict: Clinical use of the Family of Origin Scale.  In R. Watts (Ed.), Techniques in Marriage and Family Counseling (pp.75-80). Alexandria, VA: American Counseling Association.

Presentations to Professional or Scientific Groups in Last Five Years:

2003 - Future of Family Therapy, University of Northhampton, England. Presented for IAMFC International Studies Program.

2003 - AAMFT Annual Conference in Long Beach, CA. Work and Family Interrole Conflict: Implications for Couple and Family Therapists.

2002 - Kalamazoo Advantage Academy, Federal Grant Writer Consultant.

2002 - Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Counseling and Psychotherapy, Moscow, September. Presented on Structural & Strategic Family Therapy, Curriculum Consultation with faculty.

2001 - ACA Annual Conference in San Antonio, TX. Characteristics of Effective MFT Providers In Rural Settings.

2000 - AAMFT Annual Conference in Denver, CO. AAMFT Ethics Code Revision.

1999 - AAMFT Research Conference, Chicago, IL. Plenary Speaker: Scientist-Practitioner Education and Training in MFT.

Funded Research Grants or Training Contracts in Last Five Years:

Hovestadt, A. J. & Wiener, W. R. Rehabilitation Counseling/Teaching with an Emphasis in Blindness. Rehabilitation Services Administration of U.S. Office of Education ($525,000 over five years, September, 1994 - December, 1999), Reapplication funded 1999 - 2004