Dr. Heather Petcovic
Assistant Professor
Earth Science Education

Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49008-5134
269-387-5380 (Geosciences)

269-387-5488 (Science Education)

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Graduate Students

GEOS 2900 (Fall 2009)
GEOS 3010 (Spring 2009)
SCI 6160 (Fall 2006)
SCI 6170 (Fall 2007)

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I hold a joint appointment in the Department of Geosciences and the The Mallinson Institute for Science Education.

My research focuses on the area of "geocognition" - specifically, toward understanding the knowledge and skills that geoscientists use when working on complex, field-based problems. I study geoscientists engaged in field work across the spectrum from beginning students (novices) to professionals (experts), in order to determine how geological knowledge develops through training and practice. Ultimately, this research should lead to theoretical models of geological cognition, and to practical ideas for improved field-based instruction.

I am also interested in the preparation and development of K-12 earth science teachers, with an emphasis on the role of field experience in geoscience education,and alternative conceptions in the earth sciences.

I encourage students interested in pursuing a masters or doctoral degree in earth science education to contact me; we currently have support for students in science education through the Mallinson Institute.

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