Collegiate Objective
I am attending college to become more marketable and capable for a business career. Through my course work I will learn techniques and information that will help me succeed in my future career in marketing. One of my goals is to earn A's in all of my business, and specifically marketing, courses. This will show future employers that I understand business and that I am prepared to take on a job in the field. Another way I plan to become marketable as an employee is by joining various student organizations that pertain to business and show and develop my leadership skills. I am currently part of the Dean's Scholar Leadership Board and the American Marketing Association through the Haworth College of Business, so I am already proving my abilities.
Additionally I plan to graduate as part of the Lee Honors College. In order to do this I need to maintain the requirements throughout my college career. Every year I need to complete 20 service hours and attend Cultural Events. Additionally I am required to keep my GPA at or above a 3.50. Finally, during my Senior year I need to present a thesis project that relates to my college experience.
Finally, I am at college to network and make connections, both professionallly and personally. Many people meet their lifelong friends or get their first job offer through the people they meet in college. I personally believe college is the best place to make these critical connections.