Marketing and Social Media

In today’s world a large section of marketing occurs online and through social media sites. Favorite sites are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These sites are free both to companies and customers, which make them ideal for marketing. Through social media corporations can reach a large number of people at a very low cost. However, social media sites are not good for accessing target markets. Online everyone can see what you post and there is no way of focusing that down to a smaller group.

 Another benefit that was stated in an article on was that you could gain “instant access to what's being said, this minute, about your organization, people, products, or brand.” This benefits companies because it is a less expensive version of a focus group. Consumers buy your products and then they post about them on social media, spreading the news to their friends and families. An additional marketing strategy that includes social media is taking a test product to the streets or to a large event and allowing people to test the product as long as they agree to post about it online when they’re done. Then the company can also go online and decide which posts to “like” or “retweet.”

Social media sites are also a good way to communicate with customers. In the ProQuest article it stated, “Some large organizations, such as Dell, use Twitter very effectively to communicate with customers” It is a good communication tool because it is simple to use and it allows companies and customers to respond to each other immediately.

Another ProQuest article consisted of an interview with marketing veteran Larry Bodine. His ideas were that Facebook was good for keeping up past relationships, while LinkedIn helped establish new ones. This article also made an interesting point, social media sites are only helpful if they are proactively used and updated daily or even hourly. This article focused on the benefits of LinkedIn and how it is a good tool to market yourself, more so than as a tool to market products. On LinkedIn you can upload your resume, create and follow individual and company profiles, add recommendations, and have group discussions.

Larry Bodine closed the interview by stating that face-to-face is still a very important aspect of business and marketing. Although you may connect with a lot of people online, you will struggle to build crucial relationships with those people until you meet them face-to-face. These relationships help so much in the business and marketing world by getting the scoop on trends and major events and conferences from those you know on the inside.



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