Collegiate Objective

On a professional level, I am here to learn and gain the skills I need in order to go into my chosen career field.  I have a double major in accounting and criminal justice, and I would like to learn a fair share in each area into order to pursue a career working with the federal government and fraud.  At the moment I have the goal of continuing my 4.0 GPA, and my involvement at the WMU.  I have spent much of my time here diving head first into my work and my community involvement.  Personally for me it is very important that I remain close to a community and continue to serve it.  That has been one of my goals from the beginning of my life, with community service.  I am lucky to currently be involved in Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society which gives me a chance to continue my community service here.  I also have the goal of continuing my relationship with the dean of Haworth Business College, in our mentoring program that I participate in now, Dean’s Leadership Scholars.  I hope next year I will be able to further my involvement by mentoring incoming freshman, as the program is only designed to include freshman as the scholars.