Collegiate Objective

On a personal level, I am attending Western Michigan University to find what peaks my interests, to meet new people, and to find out more about who I am as a person. Of course I am here to begin the next step of my life and get a college education, but I am also here to find out on a deeper level WHY I am here. I am here to discover if I am capable of handling things on my own and how to handle these situations. I am here to discover who I really am as a person without the influence of my family and friends I have known my whole life. I want to be able to say that I am a better person because of me, not because of anyone else.

On a professional level, I am here to find a career that both interests me and will allow me to support myself without help from anyone else. As of now, I am undecided in my career. My whole life I have wanted to be involved in music in some way but unfortunately the music field is a very challenging field and the career I am interested in isn’t offered here at Western. I would also like to be on the Dean’s List at least twice in the duration of my college career. When I graduate from Western, I want to have the best education behind me and have job opportunities lined up.