Collegiate Objective

On the personal level of college I have a few goals.  For all students and I am no exception college is not just a place to learn it’s a place to grow and develop who you are as a person.  Throughout college one of my goals is to meet a lot of interesting people a make a lot of friends too.  Another of my main personal goals is to figure out who I am as a person and grow through all of the experiences I will be a part of.  All in all I hope to build character and understanding to everything and become a good citizen of society.

I also have professional goals for my college journey.  A student’s professional goals are much more known and talked about then personal goals.  So far in all my classes I have obtained a 4.0 GPA.  I would like to keep my 4.0 for as long as possible and graduate no lower than a 3.5.  I had the same academic success in high school so studying and getting my homework done is no new task for me.  I would also like to join a few business organizations in the next few years.  When it is time for me to get an internship and eventually a job I want to be the one in control.  My goal is to be able to choose what job I want to take not just whatever job I am offered.  My professional goals go hand in hand with my personal ones and as I continue to learn and grow I will be able to accomplish all of them.


Joseph W. Pant