JPNS 2000

Dialogue for Presentation 6


(Supplements for the textbook
Genki: An Integrated Approach, Vol. 1)


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Jon and Akiko are in their apartment.  They are boyfriend and girlfriend so they use short form with each other.  John is a little suspicious when he thinks that he hears Akiko talking on the phone. 


(1)  ジョン:だれかに電話をかけた?

(2)  あきこ:ううん、だれにも電話していないよ

(3)  ジョン:あ、そう? だれかと話していると思った

(4)  あきこ:私はテレビを見ていたから、テレビでしょう

(5)  ジョン:あ、そうか




(1)  John asks, did you make a telephone call to someone? 

Note the new grammar だれかに meaning “to someone”.


(2) Akiko says no, she did not make a call to anyone. 

Note the new grammar だれにも.When this pattern is followed by a verb in the negative form, it means “to no one.”  
In real life, when people say what Akiko says, the first
in ない frequently drops out, so don’t be surprised if the phrase sounds more like this: だれにも電話してないよ。


(3) John says, “Oh, really?”  He comments that he thought she was talking with someone. 

Note the new grammar だれかと meaning “with someone.”


(4) Akiko explains that she was watching television so it probably was the television.


(5) John makes a rather non-committal reaction.


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