Japanese Language Resources on the Web 

Learning Japanese on the Web / Online Dictionaries 



 Genki (Website that contains resources, fun online activities, and mnemonic aids to supplement the textbook Genki)

 Hiragana Quizzes (Contains online quizzes that will help you with your hiragana recognition)

 Paul Adams' website (Contains flashcards for each chapter of the first book of Genki.  Made by a student in WMU's Japanese program!)

 Kanjistep (Links to various sites about learning Japanese, including sites that will introduce you to e-mail pen-pals in Japan.)   

 Japanese Webpages (Links to many websites, including many having to do with kanji, grammar, etc.)

 Tae Kim's Japanese Guide to Japanese Grammar (Basic explanations of important grammatical points in beginning to intermediate Japanese)



 Japan Knowledge (Lots of online dictionaries of various sorts, including Japanese-Japanese dictionaries, dictionaries of popular knowledge, and so on. Also, has links to lots of news about Japan and the world in Japanese. Designed for Japanese users so all buttons and links labeled in Japanese.)

 Infoseek Multi-jiten (Online English-Japanese, Japanese-English, Japanese-Japanese [kokugo], katakana, and kanji dictionaries.  Designed for Japanese users so all  buttons and links labeled in Japanese.) 

 Wikipedia Japan (Japanese version of the well known internet encyclopedia.  Great for looking up unfamiliar words and kanji.  Just paste in text from other websites or online documents.  All  buttons and links labeled in Japanese.)  

 Kanji Networks (Interesting website that explains the etymology of various kanji and what the combinations of the various parts [called "radicals"] might mean, gives reading but does not contain English-language definitions for each individual kanji)

 Yahoo Japan Dictionaries (Basic Japanese dictionaries online.  Includes choice of Japanese-Japanese, Japanese-English, and English-Japanese look-up functions.  All  buttons and links labeled in Japanese.)

 Jim Breen's Japanese Dictionary (Allows searching for single kanji, individual words, provides little to no context for words but gives readings for kanji)

 Japan Pictionary (Straightforward dictionary of words having to do with Japanese culture, Japanese words are in romanization)

 Key Aspects of Japan (Brief descriptions of important concepts having to do with Japanese culture)

 Digital Dictionary of Buddhism (Buddhist terminology of multiple languages)

 Yomikata Jiten (Japanese-language list of online dictionaries that give readings of difficult terminology)

 Reading Japanese Names (Not a online dictionary, but a list of print dictionaries that help with readings of Japanese  personal names)

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