Japan-Related Resources on the Web 

Teaching English in Japan / Search Engines


         Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program: General Information (Program established by the Japanese government to bring speakers of English and other languages to work in Japan)

         Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program: How to apply from America (Contains links to forms, dates, addresses, etc. for applying to go to Japan as a JET teacher or interpreter)

         Practical advice about applying to JET: From someone who has gone through the process.

         Ohayo Sensei (Newsletter for people interested in teaching English in Japan)


         Google Japan (Japanese version of Google)

         Yahoo Japan (Japanese version of Yahoo, provides free Japanese-compatible e-mail accounts)

         J-Guide (Guide to Japanese Resources from Stanford University)

         Japanese Websites (Huge list of links to many English-language websites on Japanese language, culture, history, travel, and so on.)

         Rikai.com (Resource that allows rough translation of webpages from English to Japanese or Japanese to English, designed for Japanese users)

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Updated February 20, 2008



Detail of tanzaku (painting-card) of Kannon, the bodhisattva of mercy. Signed Tsūkyō.  (See signature, Early twentieth century?) Ink on cloth-covered paper. Collection of Jeffrey Angles.