Japan-Related News on the Web 



 The Japan Times (Daily English-language newspaper in Japan)

 Mainichi Daily News (English-language version of the large Japanese daily newspaper)

 Kyodo News (English-language news from one of Japan's largest news agencies)

 Daily Yomiuri Online (English-language newspaper in Japan)

 Asahi.com (English Edition) (English-language newspaper in Japan, coupled with the International Herald Tribune)

 Nikkei Net Interactive (Daily English-language website sponsored by the Nihon keizai shinbun, which specializes in economics and business)

 Japan Echo (Bimonthly English-language  magazine with articles on culture and current news)

 Japan Focus (Monthly English-language magazine with articles on current news issues, Japanese history, and culture)

 The New York Times (Often carries articles about Japan)


JAPANESE-LANGUAGE SITES (Require browsers equipped to read Japanese) 

 Asahi Shinbun (Daily Japanese-language newspaper)

 Kyodo News (One of Japan's largest news agencies)

 Mainichi Shinbun-MSN (Daily Japanese-language newspaper, maintains website with MSN)

 Yomiuri Shinbun (Daily Japanese-language newspaper)

 Nikkei Net (Daily Japanese-language news website maintained by Nihon keizai shinbun, a newspaper specializing in economics and business)


List of other online Japanese and English newspapers
(From University of Michigan Libraries)


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Tanzaku (Painting-Card) showing bamboo decorated with strips of paper for the annual festival of Tanabata.
Signed Bairaku (Early Twentieth Century?) 
Ink on paper. Collection of Jeffrey Angles.