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Please, carefully read through the course outline. If there are any changes in the course outline, I will inform you in class and also post the changes on the Web.

The materials required for this course are listed in the course outline. Other textbooks for this course are also available at the University Library (WALDO LIBRARY). I will also make available to you some of my lecture notes. Thanks.


SPICE: You will find a free copy of SPICE Software with the Rashid's SPICE textbook. However, if you need a copy, you may come to my office with a blank CD. SPICE is a very important component of this course and I always advice students to get all their SPICE results up todate.

ECE 5200

If you are taking this course as ECE 5200, you will be assigned additional project later on in the semester. The syllabus for ECE 5200 is the same as the syllabus for ECE4200.