Best Food In KZoo!

By Joseph Pociask

Being someone who lives a very active lifestyle, I cant get enough of food. With that being said I wanted to give my opinion of the best foods per meal in Kalamazoo.

Meals of the day!

Crows Nest feature coffee from the Fourth Coast Cafe, several breads baked fresh daily downstairs at the Fourth Coast Bakery, products from local farms and food co-ops, and a rotating selection of art from local artists.

Best Food on Menu: Breakfast burrito for $9.00

Voted number one on yelp with 4.5 stars and 311 reviews.


Studio grill is home to the #1 burger in Southwest Michigan.

Best Food on menu: Sweet and spicy pineabpple burger for $8.15

Rated number one on yelp for best lunch with 4.5 stars and 127 reviews.


Food Dance has been committed to building a thriving and sustainable local food system. We support artisans who practice craft food processes that have been around for generations.

Best food on menu: The ultimate mac & cheese for $19.00

Rated number one on yelp for best lunch with 4.5 starts and 315 reviews.


Best Gyms in Kalamazoo

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