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My name is Jay McIntosh, I am 20 years old and a Western Michigan University student. Since I was young I always enjoyed dealing with numbers. Here at WMU I am looking to major in Business and focus on Accounting. Spending some of my life in Jamaica, soccer has been a critical aspect of my identity. Soccer growing up was a major part of my everyday life. When making the switch between Jamaica and America, we still kept traditions and norms going from location to location. For instance, we continued celebrating Jamaican World Cup appearances and the emergence of soccer in Jamaica and the U.S. over the years. In addition, I have come to accept many other of my teammates cultures. For example, I was the captain of my high school team Junior year in which we had ten different nationalities represented within our 18 man roster. On this team we all celebrated one anothers cultures and came together through soccer. Currently at WMU I am on the Men's Varsity Soccer Team, soccer has followed me everywhere. Aside from the sports and school aspect of my life I have had a loving family who backs me in everything I do. After college is over, I hope to either become a professional soccer player or pursue my dreams of becoming an Accountant or Financial Advisor but still find a way to stay around sports.














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