Collegiate Objective

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I am entering college to discover more about the business field and supply chain management. In addition I would like to obtain a meaningful and challenging position after a four year University that enables me to learn the business field and allows for advancement in a successful career in the Integrated Supply Management (ISM) program. ISM is a unique, cross functional undergraduate program in supply chain management that combines engineering, information technology and business curriculum to produce graduates who are well prepared for challenging and high-paying careers. Supply chain professionals are involved with every step of the process in providing goods to the consumer, from the time when materials are grown in the ground or mined from it, until they appear on the retail store shelves. Supply chain professionals also work in the service industry because of their skill in improving the quality and efficiency of business process. In addition, because the ISM program provides a solid background in information technology and its role in supporting business processes, graduates are also being hired into business analyst positions in information technology departments. When I graduate from college I hope that corporations will be offering me positions so that I can begin my career.