Arcadia, Michigan

northern michigans coast

Arcadia's beaches are some of the finest in Michigan. Untouched sands, as white as you'll find in the carribean. Rolling dunes paint the backgrounds of family photos visiting the 500 person beach town. Houses built just steps away from warm sand, overlooking Lake Michigan's vast blue depths.

Arcadia is also a place for outstanding golf and recreation. Golfing the Arcadia Bluffs Golf Course is an experience diffcult to forget. The neighboring towns offer jetski, kayak, and small boat rental for a truely blissful experience. Or just hit the beach and go for a swim in the gorgeous blue water.

If the beach or golf desinations arent for you, try going for a walk through the Arcadia Marshes or hitting up the Arcadia Ice House for some Hudsonville Ice Cream. Whatever way floats your boat, Arcadia needs to be a spot on your bucket list.