Future Intentions in Integrated Supply Chain Management


Integrated Supply Chain Management is the combination of many different kinds of activities. This is comprised of roles that consist of planning, organizing, scheduling, and most importantly, management. Depending on where you decide to locate yourself and which company, it is a tough job. It requires a well-balanced focus on the internal processes as well as the relations with the suppliers. It could be difficult to have a good focus on the two trying to manage your time efficiently, but the rewards are said to be well worth the time put in. Competing against other supply chains makes the competition more integrated for the person.

                The Integrated Supply Chain Management undergraduate program at Western Michigan University is among the top programs in the nation. It is ranked at #5 in the nation. This is a benefit for the university and program because it could bring in company recruiters for potential candidates. It ends up being a chain reaction for the program. As the rankings and reputation rises, more students will be interested in the benefits of declaring their major as Supply Chain Management, which will bring in the recruiters. The Industry Value at WMU includes students having real-world experience with working in the field. This also includes offering classes that consist of experimental learning as well as offering internships for students. Fortunately, WMU offers a variety of externship programs for students to be a part of. This is a great example for recruiters to see in the school’s Industry Value, even a student’s resume. This program has been known to prepare students for careers in this field to be successful.

There is a very large variety of jobs in the field of Integrated Supply Chain Management. A Materials Scheduler is a basic form of this field. Material Schedulers work with the raw materials and the coordination of the schedules for the company. They organize the scheduling times of the incoming materials. A Production Analyst Manager is a lower-level plant manager for a production company. Their responsibilities consist of scheduling the productions in the plant, dealing with inventory, making certain of the quality of the material production, and projecting the labor requirements for the company. These two careers are two completely different aspects of Integrated Supply Chain Management, which shows that there are many careers that are involved in this major.


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