Justin Mattox

I am a college student at Western Michigan University. I have been attending WMU since Fall 2014 and have chosen to major in Intergrated Supply Management. I am also pursing a minor in Graphic and Printing Science and also a Business minor. I choose Western Michigan University because their program for Intergrated Supply Management is ranked 5th throughout the entire country. I believe there will be many oppurtunities for me once I graduate from WMU.

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Contact Information

Email : Justin.a.mattox@wmich.edu

Past/Current Jobs

Office Depot

Logistics, Began: June 26th, 2014

I began Working at Office Depot after I graduated from highschool. My job includes, Taking in the truck each day, Then sorting all the pallets we receive onto U-boats. After that we take the freight onto the floor and stock the shelves. Once everything is filled we put the rest of the boxes in top stock. After that is finished we do something called the fill list which is pulling items out of top stock to fill the shelf. This job has been very fun job ever since I started and I look to continue to grow from it.

Jimmy John's

Delivery Driver, Began June 18th, 2015 - Ended August 7th, 2015

I started working at Jimmy John's over this past summer as a delivery driver. I had a friend that worked there so I easily got a job there. It was a very fun high tempo experience and got to meet a lot of people while doing it. I got this job just so I could make extra money during the summer since I didn't take any summer classes.