Collegiate Objective

After spending a full year on campus and having to live on my own I feel excited for the rest of my college career and even the rest of my life. To be truthful I am scared but just a little bit because it’s a big world out there and now I don’t have my parents looking after me to make sure I stay safe. By far the biggest concern for me right now at this point in my life is trying to decide on a major and figuring out what I want to do for the rest of my life. There is a lot of pressure to make these decisions and only a year or two to make them.  Another concern I have is whether or not I will make any new friends while I’m here. I can be a very social guy once you get to know me but I’m not one to go out and introduce myself to someone I don’t previously know. This makes me feel like I won’t ever make any new friends outside of the ones that I still know from high school. Some more concerns I have are simple ones that I’m sure I’ll figure out eventually like how to do my own laundry and where to go when I need things from the store and how to get there. Living college life is different than I expected it to be in that I didn’t think people would be so friendly all of the time. I also didn’t expect the classes to be the way they are. Whenever someone I knew talked about college it sounded like all it was was writing really long papers and taking long exams but I get normal amounts of work to do from each class. I was planning on getting a television but it turned out that I never had enough time to use it so my plans changed on getting one and I still don’t. The best thing about being here at WMU is that I’m getting a great education while at the same time I am away from home and my parents, there is “free” food whenever I walk into a cafeteria, and I have lots of free time, which I expect to change as time goes on.