My future intentions are to graduate with a major in Supply Chain Management. I also plan to have a minor in communications. I love mathematics and english and love to work with people so I find this job will be in my best interest. I would love to work for a company such as Burton or Victoria Secret and to be in charge of supply management. I want to work for a company in which I am actually interested in myself as a consumer so I can really feel motivated to do my job. I want to motivate my coworkers to do their best and to make it feel like a team effort as well as individual. I want to be able to support my kids and this is another reason why this job would be very helpful in the future. It has a salary an average salary of $90,985 according to While money is important to be able to live comfortably and support my family, money isn't everything. According to,, "supply chain managers decide where to locate manufacturing and distribution facilities, how to route goods and materials among those facilities, and from which parts of the world to source the inputs." This job requires people who are loyal, inspiring, and innivative.

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