Principles of Web Design

Content is king


Every website is eventually discovered by search engines and indexed. Unfortunately, there are millions of websites out there and thousands on every conceivable topic. After your site is indexed, a link to your site will most likely be in the search results, of anyone who searched for one of your keywords but in all likelihood the link will be on the last page. Most search engine users don't go beyond the top links in the search results. SO if your link is at the bottom of the search results, it is highly unlikely that the search engines will increase traffic to your site.


So it is natural that every designer wants to get to the top of the search results. Many strategies have been proposed to improve your position in search results but nothing is as reliable as creating good content on the topic of your website. Search engines index words; so provide them with more words. Search engines want to give their users the best sites on a topic, so create the best site on the topic to get a top billing.