Principles of Web Design



This principle pertains to the way people read text on a computer screen. Unlike printed text that is typically held a foot from the readres' eyes, computer monitors are a couple of feet away from their eyes. Reading text word for word is easier from a printed book than the computer screen. As a result, people tend to scan the page for the most important information on the screen (from heading, subheadings, highlighted text, etc.) to get a sense of the information on the page.


So web designers are advised to make it easier for visitors to scan the page and get a good grasp of the information. Or to increase the scannability of the page.


1. Break up text into meaningful heading and subheadings.


2. Use lists whenever possible to break up the flow of text.


3. Highlight the keywords in each paragraph.


4. Reduce word count by 50% compared to printed text.


5. Limit informaiton on page to maximum of two screens, anything more than that should be on a separate page.