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James J. Kiddle, Ph. D.  -  Organophosphorus Chemistry P-bs.gif (8777 bytes)

Organophosphorus Research:

  Wadsworth-Emmons Chemistry (Carbon-Carbon Double Bond Synthesis)

  Stereoselective Synthesis of Amino Phosphonic Acids

  Synthesis of P-Chiral Tetracoordinate Phosphorus Compounds

Phosphorus-31 NMR:

   Compilation of Phosphorus-31 NMR Chemical Shift Data

Sites Related to Organophosphorus Chemistry:

   Phosphorus: WebElements Periodic Table

   Organophosphorus Nerve Agents

   Phosphorus, Sulfur, Silicon and Related Elements

Organophosphorus Conferences:

  14th International Conference on Phosphorus Chemistry

15th International Conference on Phosphorus Chemistry


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