Step 1: Brainstorming

There are a wide variety of brainstorming techniques to get your essay ideas going, such as list making, flow charts, webs, and free writing.

Never dismiss any idea you come up with as worthless. Take note of every thought you have as it may grow and develop into something very useful for your essay.

Step 2: Research

Even if your essay does not require outside sources like in the case of a personal experience, it is still a good idea to do research on your topic to look at it from multiple angles.

If you believe you will need to cite sources, learn the proper citation like MLA or APA that would be most appropriate. Not all sources are equal; be sure your source is creditable such as a trade journal or a news article instead of a wiki or editorial.

Pre-Writing Writing Post-Writing
1: Brainstorm 3: Introduction 6: Revision
2: Research 4: Body 7: Peer Review
  5: Conclusion  

How to Write An Essay: A Simple Guide in Steps