Step 3: Introduction

The first sentence of your essay should be attention grabbing.

The following sentences should then give a brief preview of your later paragraphs, and contain your thesis.

Step 4: Body

The following paragraphs form the bulk of your essay, where you go into detail of the subjects you previewed in the introduction that will support your thesis.

Each body paragraph is like a mini essay, with its own attention grabber, supporting points, and conclusion.

Step 5: Conclusion

The last paragraph should wrap everything up, restating and affirming your previous points and thesis.

Your conclusion can also contain a rebuttal to any counter arguements.

Pre-Writing Writing Post-Writing
1: Brainstorm 3: Introduction 6: Revision
2: Research 4: Body 7: Peer Review
  5: Conclusion  

How to Write An Essay: A Simple Guide in Steps