Step 6: Revision

Your freshly written paper is only a rough draft, and as such is probably be marred with spelling mistakes, awkward sentences, or flawed reasoning.

Revise your paper with a red ink pen, correcting any mistakes you encounter, and reworking each paragraph to make your essay stronger. The more times you revise your essay, the better it will turn out in the end.

Step 7: Peer Review

After revising your essay yourself a few times, pass it on to other people for review. Others may be able to pick out mistakes you may have missed, and will give you feedback on how to make your essay stronger.

Find people who can give you some hard and honest criticism. Close friends and family, for example, may go too easy on your essay to avoid hurting your feelings. Afterward, make any corrections you see fit, and congratulate yourself on an essay complete.

Pre-Writing Writing Post-Writing
1: Brainstorm 3: Introduction 6: Revision
2: Research 4: Body 7: Peer Review
  5: Conclusion  

How to Write An Essay: A Simple Guide in Steps