Collegiate Objective 
When I decided to come to Western Michigan University I wanted to get a quality education, distance myself from my family, and discover what I want to do with my life. On a personal level, my entire family has gone to Michigan State University and lives in Mid-Michigan. I wanted to change that, I decided to come to Western to broaden my horizons. I hope to make many strong, new relationships while maintaining quality relationships with my friends from high school. I hope to grow from a student to a highly functioning adult that will contribute to society.
On a professional level, I hope to develop the skills to obtain a quality career after I graduate from Western. During my time at western I want to achieve one semester with a 4.00 GPA and have an overall GPA of a 3.50. I want to join as many clubs and societies as possible that will help me network to create a succesful future for myself. When I graduate, I want to obtain a job directly into my career field..