Collegiate Objective
I decided to go to college because I felt I wanted to gain more skills in certain areas in order to make myself stand out in the future job market. In addition, I wanted to obtain the college experience as a whole that goes beyond the education part. I feel like it is important to step out of my comfort zone and living in a new place with a large amount of people that I don't know is a good start. Furthermore, I am looking for challenges that will help me become abetter person and having to work through them to gain more life experiences. When focusing on school, my goals are to maintain my membership in the Lee Honors College, which includes keeping a 3.5 GPA or higher along with volunteer hours and attending specific events. Finally, while in school, I hope to become a member of many different clubs and meet a whole bunch of new people in order to broaden my resume and my general horizons. I feel like college will be very beneficial for me over the next few years and I hope to make great strides on a personal and professional level.