Collegiate Objective

The main reason I am attending Western Michigan University is to attain a degree so I can get a job I will enjoy. I am also here because I enjoy learning about the world that I live in. Even though I am a business major, I am interested in learning about almost any topic that is brought up. I used to hate going to class in high school, but after attending Calvin College for a short bit I really started to enjoy learning. It was not the school that changed how I felt, but rather the people around me. Being around such a diverse group of cultures, and hearing what life was like where they came from really opened my eyes. I wanted to understand what made every day life so different around the world, and discover new ways to think about how everything works around me. As I said the people around me are what changed my life from going about my day to day routine of wondering what will being going on tonight, to wondering how to better understand a philosophical idea like wu wei or utilitarianism. I am very fortunate to have met several great friends along the way that pushed me to be something more, and even more so to have a family that helped me through the good and bad times.

I am going here to get a degree in an area of business, currently I am looking towards the business economics degree. I really enjoy this area because it explains many concepts that govern the world today. I find economic ideas much easier to grasp than many other areas of study such as math. There is just something about being able to look at the patterns of people, businesses, and governments to draw conclusions that makes me want to learn more about it all. I am hoping to get a job doing research or analysis of these sorts of trends. In the long run I hope to get at least one more degree, maybe a masters to further understand this specific area, or maybe a degree in a totally different area. I would really like to study interpersonal communication and the psycology behind it.