Collegiate Objective
I am entering college with a multitude of objectives in mind. One is of course the objective of attaining a number of credits thus granting me the highly regarded diploma one needs to be successful in their latter years. This is my goal ultimately over my college years, however; only being a freshman, my most important goal at this time is to find what I truly want to do in my life. I want to find the thing I am best at, while reaching the most satisfaction. Having a job until retirement that does not satisfy me, would ultimately, in my mind, mean I have somewhat failed. That is why my most prevalent goal as a college freshman, is to find my true calling.

On a more professional note, I want to attain as much knowledge as possible to be an effective member of not only Americas workforce, but possibly the workforce of the world. It is not as important to me to acquire a perfect four point GPA, as long as I am giving up some of that for experience that will lead me into a future job. Of course my scholarly goals would like to lead me to a path of a four point, however; I would not be upset if I sacrificed that for crucial experience. Also, while in my college student status, I will aim myself towards forging bonds with current industry professionals and organizationt that will set me on the best path possible post college.

After college, I will be competitive enough for companies to seek me, not seek them.