Modern Day Business

Modern day business is somewhat of a new comcept if one thinks about it. Only recently has their been a huge technological network

 where all money is practically virtual and where fast paced businesses are trump. These fast paced businesses are usually due to its executive

 who gave the company the fuel and leadership needed to take it to the next level. However, these modern executives are accredited with being

 somewhat of evil people because of the handling of the common man. One such article saying "Their “fast companies” are busy changing the

status quo with respect to the way business is conducted, and a lot of innocent people are being left in the ditch(        )." Their being the

 executives in this case. I believe that with modern day technology, and the fast paced business ideal, executives can get away with leaving

 innocent people "in the ditch" because of a decreased belief in a singular persons benefit to a company whereas just decades ago, it didn't seem

 like such.

While a modern business world that is leading to ever expanding avenues for oportunities, there has to be attention to what kind of

 morals and beliefs that modern day companies hold about their employees, especially the lower level workers. Without attetion to such, the

 modern business world could be on a blind path where workers are seen as expendable.


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