Collegiate Objective

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Professional Goals:
While studying at Western Michigan University, I want to learn and take in as much information as possible relating to my major in the hope that it will guide me through life and through my career. I plan to graduate Western with a degree in psychology and a minor in business. My professional goals are to become successful both financially and emotionally while helping others as a psychologist. I want to become highly recognized for what I do and in the hope that I make a difference in people’s life. I would like to maintain an good GPA in the hope to impress my future employers.

Personal Goals:
My personal goals while at Western would to be enjoying my life during the next four years. I wish to meet as many people as I can and create a niche of friends by graduation. I am on the Western Michigan Soccer team and I hope to gain further skill and motivation to help improve my playing abilities by graduation. College will also allow me to become more independent and stable.

Jennifer Petree